SEWING: Mom and Me- Infinity Scarf Tutorial

A while back I pinned two infinity scarf tutorials.
The Mom Infinity Scarf  is based on those two tutorials. They can be found  here and here.

Mom and Me Infinity Scarf or Cowl Tutorial

What you will need:
cotton fabric- 2 yards (44" width or + ) I had a bunch left over from this
sewing machine
needle and thread

Skill level required: beginner

To make things easier- any step regarding the Mom Sized Infinity Scarf will be labeled: MOM and
any step for the Little Girl Scarf will be labeled LG

Step One:

I folded my fabric over so that it was doubled and cut out two pieces at the same time measuring 12" x 60"

Do the same thing only this time cut out two pieces measuring 9.5" x 55 "

This is why I mentioned having a least a 44" width on your fabric because you'll be needing 42" to make both scarfs

Step Two:

Pin and sew the long sides of your two pieces of 12" x 60" right sides together leaving the short ends open

Pin and sew the long sides of your two pieces of 9.5" x 55" right sides together leaving the short ends open

Step Three:

For both MOM & LG:
Turn the scarf right side out, it will be a long tube with open ends on the short ends

Now pull the one end of your fabric over again so that the fabric is right side together and sew the short ends together leaving a 3 inch opening.

Turn your scarf out again and sew the little 3 inch opening shut with a needle and thread and your infinity scarf is ready to go!

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  1. I love the colors of your scarves, and your little girl is adorable!
    I also really like the name of your blog :)
    Stopping by from the Modest Mom linkup!

  2. Love those, they are just adorable. And having 3 little girls, this is a project I want to do with them soon. Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh cute!!! I want to make some for me and my niece! :) She would love to be matchy-matchy with her aunt.

  4. LOVE this tutorial!!! Made a scarf for a friend's little girl. So cute!! :)
    Her little lady is smaller than Mia, so I made it shorter. (9.5 x 40 inches). Think it worked out awesome.
    Thanks!!! :)


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